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Getting on the game problem? (i need help)

Ok so i downloaded the game and i got the launcher open so now how do i start the game ?


With the launcher open you should see the name and password fields on the bottom. If you don't see any of that, try to close the launcher and run it again. Also make sure you're running it with Administration rights.

maybe because i have windows 8?

Nope. that shouldn't be an problem at all. Try close it and open it several times. Can you post a screen to see where you get stuck?

oHerk, before trying to open, first right click on the icon, select always run as administrator and then open..you should get the username and password fields then.  Mine did the same thing first time till I did that.  I'm also running win8



^ This, happened to me too on W8, give it a try!

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