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Did you Know?

This is a repository of advices and tricks for Victory: The Age of Racing. If you have any other "Did you know" gems, post a reply and I'll update this post. :)

  1. Are you stuck or crashed? press the R (default) button to restore your car on track!
  2. You can see your Framerate by hitting CTRL+F.
  3. By default the race collision mode is set on "delayed": this means collisions are enabled only after the first time check sign on the track.
  4. Even if you are racing with automatic gears, you can use the spacebar to raise or lower your current gear: press it when you're also pressing the throttle to raise and press it when you're not to lower.
  5. You can set up a gamepad in the Options, access it in the main menu, Victory is compatible with almost every usb gamepad available on the market.
  6. If your performances are sloppy and your framerate is lower than 30fps, lower the graphical settings in the Options.
  7. To chat when you're racing simply hit Return to start write in the race chat, hit return again to send the message.
  8. Sensitivity hightens the controller's sensitivity, while Speed Sensitivity will lower the controller's sensitivity the higher your speed is.
  9. During a Race press the TAB key to open / close the race drivers list.
  10. There's more than four view cameras when you drive: keep hitting the 1, 2, 3 and 4 key to see the other variants.



Cai I use my ForceFeedback usb whell fom logitech  ?


My Driving Force GT has worked fine...

We still don't have official support for wheels as we're trying to balance them together with the other control methods, meanwhile you can try to setup it as a gamepad, but my advice is to use a gamepad or the keyboard: we're so proud of our keyboard controls: try them :)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Thank you ! I wanted to disable the on-screen FPS for so long, but didn't know how.


To add to the "Did you Know?"

- Sensitivity hightens the controller's sensitivity, while Speed Sensitivity will lower the controller's sensitivity the higher your speed is.

(I hope you know what I mean, you can change the wording to be more understandable)


That's clear Brainy, thanks! :D

A wheel works, but without FFB and you have a totally another feeling than in racing sims, so it's better don't to use it. I tested it (at the first day I played Victory) on RI Blue and with keyboard I was more than 2 seconds faster.


What that Race Points means? the sum of all the exp we already got? Maybe spent it on something?

 I have one gamepad xbox360 and i want to lear how much sensitivity and sens for speed i need to run a good run?

matador..this is really up to user preference..mine may be totally different than somebody elses because it plays a lot into your driving style..

think of sensitivity as a way of muting or increasing the overall input level from your controller..

speed sensitivity is a ration..the faster you go, the less sensitive the steering gets making it harder to spin the car at high speed.


With that in mind..my sensitivity is at 100% which gives me a 1 to 1 steering ratio

My speed sensitivity I think is at 95% because I like fast steering capability in high speed corners.  Now, you may find as you go from a rookie car to semi pro etc that you will have to change this one..semipro and pro cars are super twitchy in their steering..they react fast

Best way to test and find what works for you, is hotlap challenge, load A1 Blue for its long front straight..the telling corner is the tunnel turn at the end of the straight..brake at the second marker, downshift once and corner so you touch the apex at the bottom of the bank..if you can make that turn with a single downshift and not smack the wall coming out of it or spin the car you are close to your setting..fine tune from there..if you slide sideways or spin..it may be too high..if you can't seem to turn enough to keep from hitting the wall..its too low..

another good track to test it on is Fort fast yellow..as you past last approach marker for the first corner..only let off the gas.don't break..touch that apex and get on the gas..keep your foot down on the accelerator..if you can go through that sweeping curve without getting off the gas or sliding the back end you are close..if you have to let off the gas to keep from hitting the outside wall..too low, slide the back end..too high..once you get it just right..you'll shave a full second off your lap times


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