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Change Team

It is possible to change the team career after we've selected one of the three?


No it's not.

Ok, thanks dude!

In the upcoming Steam version we've added the option to reset your team.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Great. The team reset will also reset the missions completed with the previous team?

You can now change your team by selecting the career and clicking over the team simbol, it will change to a reset simbol and you will eb able to read "reset carrer progress".

The problem is you will lose all your cars and the invesment you made on them. Thats what happend to me when i tried to recycle the cash for a custom car.

In my opinion team cars are a waste of money and are not worth, not even the 70pi cars are good compared to a welld esigned 60pi car....

No they are not, since car creation is the biggest part in Victory. Still, Teams are not really intended for experienced drivers with deep knowledge about the game - they are made to give new players some decent cars at a good price (remember, a 60 PP car costs you 12600 credits + tires and engines + paintjob + visual items, while the 60 PP car of a team costs just 7600 credits) and help them "advance" in the game!

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