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Car Development for Beginners

*Updated for Patch 12*


When people upgrade cars the first thing they tend to do is upgrade power.  While this may be a good thing, it's not always the best thing.  If your driving the car and you go around a corner having a lot of power isn't always a good thing.  You need to have the Grip and Aero to take the corner at high speed.  I'll try to give some thoughts on how I upgrade my car.  Hopefully it will be insightful.


The Research & Development screen:


Weight - Reduces the general weight of the car.

  • More acceleration
  • Medium enhancement in braking
  • Little enhancement in lateral grip
  • Little enhancement in traction


Aerodynamics - Increases the efficiency of the wings

  • Increases max speed
  • Increases acceleration at high speeds
  • More efficient wings


Traction - Reduces tire slipping while under acceleration

  • Less drifting in acceleration at lower speed and lower gears


Grip - Increases a cars ability to corner

  • More speed in corners


Brakes - The ability to slow a car down

  • Decrease braking distance
  • Prevent's tires from locking up under braking


Power - Influences the engine strength of the car

  • Increases maximun speed
  • Increases Acceleration



  • Moldoch - Mid Range RPMS
  • Gre - Low Range RPMS
  • Brahn - High Range RPMS


     With different engines there are different attributes.  Gre engines, have Low Horsepower, but High amounts of Torque.  Brahn engines, have High Horsepower, but Low amounts of Torque.  Moldoch engines, have Mid level Horsepower, and Mid level Torque.


     At the moment however, Brahn is really the only way to go.  The other engines, are between half a second, to 1.5 seconds slower on certain tracks.



  • Marcelli - High Performance, Low Control
  • Tireco - Mid Performance, Mid Control
  • Nashville - Low Performance, High Control


     With different Tires, there are different attributes.  Marcelli tires, have High Grip, but low Acceleration quality.  Tireco tires, have Mid level Grip, and Mid level Acceleration.  Nashville tires have Low Grip, but High acceleration.


     At the moment Marcelli tires are the best option.  They allow for tremendous amounts of grip while cornering.  Couple that with a high amount of Grip in R&D, and you have a gripping machine.


When upgrading a car, one of the things to keep in mind is balance.  While upgrading power is a good thing, it won't help much if the rest of the car can't handle it.  The main point to remember when taking a corner is to keep as much speed as possible while going through the corner.  Upgrading a cars Grip can make a big difference in how the car takes those corners.


Upgrading a cars Traction, can prevent the tires from slipping, and thus prevent drifting, while taking corners.


Upgrading Weight is a big one for me.  To me it's more important than power.  With less weight on the car, it tends to take corners quickly without losing much speed.  The speed I would lose going into a corner with a car with power, can be kept with a car with more points in the weight stat.


Upgrading the Aerodynamics is also important.  When setting up a car for a track, the higher your Aerodynamics, the faster you will reach top speed.  Aerodynamics also allows for a higher downforce setting towards grip, without losing much acceleration.


Brakes, are a bit touchy.  When doing hotlaps, I wouldn't put anyting in them.  Your not competing against anyone, so the need to outbrake someone isn't there.  But, at the same time, putting Performance Points in brakes, can help stop the car on rough surfaces, as well as help more in weight transfering.  Also, putting Performance Points in brakes increases the strength of the ABS.  With Patch 12 the tires tend to lock up under braking quite easily, so this stat might be worth a little more.


Power.  Now to the beefy bits.  Power is great for increased speed.  Upgrading power will help you in longer tracks when you can really get up to speed.  The mostly notable course where you'll see a difference is Arctic One.  Power is a setting that is most needed for Legend cars.  Classic and Formula cars don't it as much.


Hopefully you know a little more about what the various stats on the car do.


Here is Capabombas car. >Clicky<

And here is Capabombas alternate car.  >Clicky<

For more Information, check http://victorythegame.com/victory/basics

This is fantastic! Good job!

- Mad Cow -

I'm having a lot of fun with Victory even if I'm a awful driver, last driving game I got lost into was Lotus Challenge on Amiga :).
I don't understand very much all of this mechanics/tuning stuff, so these posts are really useful. Hope you'll do something also about the car setup before race, looks like quantum physics to me :)

I always do random setup without knowing what to do (oversteer? understeer??)...a tutorial would be really helpful!

I am really the CASUAL Victory player;)



i am trying to play because of slow internat


Good job Iceman! Also, i have almost the same car! It's nice you copied the description from the manual (very good) but you still added your opinion and else! Many other drivers didn't like that their car can be copied!

Also to Andy: I did a guide on the Italian Community site to setups, with each voice explained in detail.. maybe I could translate it into english if it's useful to some drivers :D

Thanks I'll check it...italian is my language ;)





Would be really nice if you could translate it. :)

This is an awesome guide. Thanks for sharing!

It seems that even with my second car I overestimated brakes' importance. On the other head it seems I underestimated aerodynamics ^^

Oh and btw, a similar guide for race setups would be great as well :D

Question: Would you apply the same criteria for semi-pro cars? I'm puzzled especially for brakes.

It´s a matter of taste and driving style, I think, buut...


The Semi-Pro cars don´t need so much power boost, since they are VERY powerful and VERY nervous. I´d maybe give three or four more PI on weight, three or four less on power and still 0,00 on brakes.

If you want to improve your brakes, just use the gearbox (shift down to 2nd or 1st) and your handbrake. wink

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

Great job Iceman, a very useful guide for beginners like me smiley

Many thanks, now i can try to reach your records, see you.


GJ! Stickied. I wanted to repost parts of the old manual like this, but your post is even better! :D

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Thanks everyone.  I just posted a Setup thread as well, if you all would like to check it out.

Very good ice...

After this, sure all the people run to change the builds XD


I think, the problem of rookie car build, ice Ark One.

At Ark One the rookie need pow yes, or yes. At closed beta the people created one car only for AO.

For the semipro i use only 5 point in pow, and the rest basicly for grip, and whe.

The pro car have a amasing aceleration, and for the moment i think not going to place pow point.


P.S. Sorry for my english :(

I use the same rookie car for all the tracks.  I just adjust the setup for each one and it works out fine.


The pro cars are amazingly fast.  With that said, any PP you put in them will make them even faster.  Just putting points in grip can increase your times by about 2 seconds.  Those cars can grip so well that I don't even have points in traction.

Ye is true.

I think it is almost easy the semi in comparison whid the pro.


The mi very problem whid semi and pro, is the thigt and slow corner, the car dont turne -.-

Now i'm tryng whid overster at low velocity. But the result is the same... probably i am bad driver XDDD


P.S. Sorry for my english

just try going slower into the corners, take your time. No reason to rush into corners in a car you are not yet very familiar with. Drive conservatively and that'll teach you how to be aggressive :)

I've noticed that adjusting the Aerodynamic balance to oversteer a little, helps get around those corners.  However doing so makes the car jerky when driving on the straights.

How are we, beginners suposed to upgrade our cars in this game, there are nearly no upgrades for level 1 players like me, and it will be impossible to get to the next level(s) without them. HELP US! WHY ARE YOU OPPRESSING NOOBS LIKE ME?

Leveling up at low levels is so easy, just race, even if you always finish at the last place you will get Rx to level up ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

I'll race with ya matt.  I'll use a 0 pi rookie so we're in the same level car.  I've sent you a friend request in game so you can see if i'm online.

Well for one thing you have to race more than 3 times =D   According to your stats you're 0/3. That could be part of the problem. 

It really doesn't take that many races whether you finish first or last before you are able to start upgrading. But honestly upgrades won't help at all until you get more practice under your belt because skill matters just as much as upgrades in this game.

Just create a level restricted room, or a PI restricted one. Options are there, there's also a dedicated server "Driving School" for you, and getting to level 20 isn't time consuming at all, so go play!

If you have 20 pt in grip and istall a +5 buff ..will you have 25 grip ? or 20 is the maximum ?


you would have 25


Has the optimum PI distribution changed after the patch ?? I use de 15 pow , 0 brake , 20 grip , 5 traction , and 10 to weight and aero(like in the picture ) , and i am like  2 to 5 seconds slower than the top pack ( i think that's not only because my driving/setup ) as i am a fairly clean driver (no drifting etc ) . Has the new one gained upper hand ? (12pow, 0 brake , 20 grip , 4 traction , 20 weight and 4 aero , that even iceman is using to set records ) .

He did not use that set for all the records AND the perfect setup does not exist, but it's something that adapts well to your driving style. On the other hand, due to the new "Research & Development" section, now tires and engines are different from before, i found with these new parts better handling, different breaks system and different power erogation.. so in my opinion yes, the "perfect setup" has changed :D

Agreed.  Messing with the PI is only half the battle.  You have to get a good setup that works with the track, and one that is comfortable for you.  My setups all are a little drifty when I drive.  If you check out This page, you can see it.  Finding the setup that works with style of driving is what gets you faster.   Start with something simple.  For example; start with high downforce to get used to cornering with the car.  After a while if you feel you don't need so much, then lower it.

I'm surprised that brakes make so little difference. My car often feels like it has grip to spare, with very little drama coming from it under heavy braking. Trail braking's a different story though, and I guess that's more important?

Also, is aero a poor investment in the rookie cars compared to the semi-pro or pro cars? Or is the reduction in drag greater to compensate the lack of wings to improve?

This guide is a bit out-dated, especially since the last big changes in the car physic. Nevertheless it still is a good guideline about each characteristic of the car and their relevance. Brakes now have been given more importance but it's hard to quatify at the moment. This is for us drivers to find out.

Aero is used more on semi-pro and pro simply because there is less investment in power (sometimes) as those classes are already quite powerful on their own. It's a matter of balance as you can see.

great work in a great raceing game,see you on the track sometime,,vey

Since the new update this am i crash into nearly every turn when using my old line. I've been doing hot laps for hours trying to straighten things out with no success. Last time I modified my attributes it cost me over 5000 GCs. Will that happen every time. I'm affraid to do it again. Right now i have 20 power 20 grip and 20 weight. Need advice please.

Okay then Iceman, great You Tube vids. Very helpful and I'll watch them several times I'm sure. I'll have to give manual a try.

This set up thing is killing me, not enjoying the racing under these conditions. Want to build a Semi Pro ride but not 'til I get this Rookie car back where it was.

Got down to 53+ at RI Blue, can only get to the 55's now. Must be my attributes.

Thanks for all your forum advice.


I don't think it's the attributes. With yesterday's patch something has changed with the control system and at my first try the car was quite hard to keep on track because of an insanely hight sensibility of my gamepad. So, before spending money in resets and stuff, I would wait a bit more.

Thanks for the advice, I'll hang in there.

Thought I read somewhere that there would be a charge for the first PI modification then free after that, true?

It's the opposite: you can reallocate your PP for free on the first reset, then you have to pay!

When I first started levelling up, I just upgraded everything one bar at a time, but I wanted to start beating higher PI cars, so I inadvertantly started upgrading power, weight and grip. Strange how we all catch on eventually, I'm actually quite liking the way my car drifts in tight corners. 

Why after some races,i get -1 PI in Power and Grip???

That's the degradation of performance of the car after a number of races. It happens also to all the other attributes. Think about if as if the parts of your car gradually wear out and you need to repair them from time to time. In this case you can use +0 widgets to repair them to their original status or any other widgets (even if in that case the extra bonus given by a +X widget will last for just one race, while the attribute will stay repaired for as long as a +0 widget would let you.)

Oh Thanks ^^

usk esrb_rp

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