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Beginners complaining about 60pi drivers




I would like to say something to those new drivers, who think it is not fair to drive rookie races against higher lvl/pi drivers.


I am always ready to welcome and help new drivers to the game, if they are nice and fair.


But it is really starting to annoy me, that more and more newbies think it is their right to join races and complain about my level and car. Telling me to go and drive semi or pro races.


Also high lvl drivers have the right to compete in rookie races and there are a lot of options to drive with others on a par. (driving school, restrictions, passwords and for very impatient people the starter kits)


Anyway it is not taking that long time to get a 60 pi rookie car, if you drive regularly and collect xp, even if you don't win races so often.


So please stop bothering me with such statements. Step outside, take your bobby car and drive with people at your age!

When I first joined this game I was only interested to play high lvl drivers in order to learn something useful from them (and I did) :) But as you can see everybody has its own needs... 

Hahaha. The problem is that very few newbs gonna read this.

Maybe, but next time I will tell them to go here and read it. So at least I don't have to repeat myself all the time... ;-)

The problem is that every beginner wants to have a chance to win, even if they're at the very beginning of their carrer (and it's of course understandable), but at the moment there are not many drivers, around 20 concurrent people online, so of course to have a full server people tend to join an already populated one, regardless of the drivers inside, and that brings the mismatch between players.

With all probability the situation will get better at the release, but right now there's not much that can be done, as like you said there are already server restrictions, Driving School servers, etc.

Surely that problem will solve itself when more players are around.


But until that time, I would like to appeal to new drivers to be a bit more patient and not to bother higher level drivers, who all have been in the same situation, when they started.

One possible solution is to create a server in which the car is equal to all.This way, if not enough people of the same level, we could all play there

Cut this b******t, and stop acting like you care about noobs/newbs. In all that time I have been here, since closed beta I think I found 1 or 2 high level players that actually cared about me racing with them. Most just grind cash, and completely dont give a f*** about anyone else. 


Noone wants to ride with you for obvious reason, defeat, plus if you had any honor, you would leave the race if you saw that noone has any chance to beat you, but NO, lets stay in the race, own everyone so my ****** can grow bigger, and I will feel better.


Dont be suprised that low levels tell you to GTFO, you simply arent welcome in the races. You want to race, build yourself new car with no PP.

Anti consoles since ever.

If you are of these retards "aww my gaypad doesnt work with victory, please help", then go back to your shitty console, and try there. Keep away of the PC, fags.

Racing here since 2011.

Hi Materia,


it is really no big surprise for me, that no one takes care of you. You are far away from those people I would like to support.


I don't have any problems to find someone who wants to drive with me. Got a lot of friends ingame, who likes to. That's not my point.


Next thing is, that I never seek for servers I will surely win. If there are racers competitive or better than me I will join. To win is not the highest priority for me, but to have fun on tight races!

I indeed often changed my car to a 0 pp one, gave more than half lap headstart or stayed inside with a handicap of 4 or 5 without any chance to win.

Surely you would find a lot of people who could confirm that and my efficiency percentage of only 59 percent is prooving that, I think. (being a lvl 60 driver for quite some time and not the slowest one)


I could tell you right away more than a dozens of players I gave hints and tips, what engine or tyres are best or what could be a good way to spend their pp's etc.


But when I am in a server with 2 other 60 pp drivers and 2 newbies entering it, telling me to leave, my tolerance is at an end!


I don't remember that we ever met on the tracks, but maybe you should inform yourself a bit before you judge someone!


wow...seriously?  I just read this post..

Is this dude even around any more?  If not, thank god.  This community is better off without this kind of attitude.  We already got three prima donna's too many.

When I started in this game I too had to race lvl 60 drivers, and many of them in between races gave advice on how to assign PI, car setup etc.  I've carried on that tradition when and where I could.  So to say that us LvL 60 drivers don't try to encourage the new guys, help out and so on is so much complete BS.

Dude, if you are still around..you should take a look in the mirror at your own reasons for being in this MMO..is it to have fun or is it wins at any cost.  If its to have fun, you are in the right spot.  If its wins at any cost..then maybe you should look elsewhere because yeah, its a racing sim and its great to win races..but I will be honest with you.  If in a race where there isn't any close competition between myself in another driver..its basically a hotlap challenge to me and it gets kind of boring.  I prefer races like Shaun, me, Alex, cogdistortion, Judah, Geraldarriga, and a few others have that are close races right down to the final lap, decided at the last corner or even right at the finish line.  Even if I lose, I don't care because those are the most fun, collisions on or off.  We may bump a little and so on during the race, but there's nothing intentional about it, no one car really has an out and out advantage and there are more position changes in three laps than I would ever have thought possible. 

With that said, there is good news for new drivers on the horizon..Leveling won't be required to unlock the "good" engines or tires so its going to come down to your skill..there is a drawback to that however..if your skill doesn't measure up to the car's performance..you are going to have even more issues than having to drive against a lvl 60 driver.  Issues like walls, spins, and rollovers.



I don't think he is racing anymore. But it could be that his racing name is different from his forum name...

In fact I think I never seen him ingame at all!

I think one of the Devs posted something, that they are going to allow people to create 0 PI rooms.  When that comes out, i'll be racing in those all the time.  I think they also said that they are going to allow people to also ban widgets when creating rooms as well, though that might not be for a while yet.

Confirming that that's all in the plan. Not so soon, probably after the league system patch.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Is this going to be during the beta phase or the full release?

Beta phase.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

I am very much against Materia's attitude, but he might have a point, if you find that your a 60 PI driver, in a server full of 12 PIs or considerabley below your PI, don't you think it might be a bit more fun to race with a car slightly more to their level?

Or even help them out to get more PIs by letting them win?

But I also agree with you, murkel.

People with an attitude just don't deserve it.

I once raced against Quillon, he is an awesome guy. Even though I never asked him to, nor have I ever asked anyone else to. He let me win so that I could get more XP, and therefor more PI. And that made me think very highly of him.

Hi Extreme,

just don't believe what Materia said about me. I did let others win, I invite only 60 pi drivers to my races and I always leave superGP's where only low lvl drivers are in.

Only drive lower pi drivers in QR's when there are no other opportunities and HLC cause u never know who enters after me... ;-)

Maybe in the past I would have been your Quillion! ;-D

Thanks extreme for the kind words, I often try and help out newer guys with XP and things. When you get someone with a nice manner (like yourself) i find it easy to, help. Sometimes it's not so easy and i just race as fast as i can:D  I will say that 99.9% of people in victory are great.........if it weren't for the likes of xpatte's words of wisdom and the help of Capa, CapitanSborrow, and one or two others, (and yes, Murkel is one of those)  i would have quit a long time ago.  It is important when we get to those higher levels, that we help the new ones. The future of the game needs that support:D If we don't help these drivers, we won't have a game to drive on....simple!

If you need help, just ask ;D
If only if i was a MOD! Oh, wait....;D

Hello again!


I did not drive for a longer period, cause I don't have much time for it anymore. In the meanwhile the situation changed a lot. Now there are much more lvl 60 drivers around. So that it is possible to compete with 5 other lvl 60 drivers in a race. :-)

And with the start of Beta4 this discussion will hopefully end anyway.

But because I don't have much time to spend playing games anymore I am not supporting new players as much as I did in the past. Just want to race a little when I can... I am anyway not up-to-date regarding the best setup etc. anymore.

Luckily others are in to help out, like you Quillion, DarkKnight and surely some others as well.

Greets to all fair and helpful players out there and to all newbies who are willing to learn and have fun!

I must say I help a little bit I don't like sharing my setup due to the fact it's expensive and I won't get that cash back from other player.

I think the best way to learn is by trying different thing, listen to the tips and understand how each option affect the car.

Once you get it you'll be more happy if the result is better than mine.

I agree this topic will be dead since the advantage we had at the lvl 60 has been balanced with the team career of course some of us work on better setup but we spend a lot of Gears in car developpement just to get a descent result.

The main fight will be between the player who will drive the team car.

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

Po co wogóle -temat początkujących kierowców? Sam gram dopiero od ok. miesiąca i od kogo mam sie uczyc jak nie od lepszych !!! A na hotlap poprawiac swoje umiejetnosci i błedy !!!


Edit by Jamjam195 (translated from Polish):

Why at all-on novice drivers? I play only been about a month and from whom I am willing to learn how not to the better! And on hotlap improve their skills and bugs!

english please??

Si vous avez des question, vous pouvez me contacté par messagerie privé!

I don't even pay much attention to PI honestly. A bad driver will finish behind me no matter what his PI is


I don't even pay much attention to PI honestly. A bad driver will finish behind me no matter what his PI is


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