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Victory SP12/Beta 4: Racing Team Careers, New Interface, New Class Physics and more!

Gentlemen, start your engines! Victory Beta 4 is finally here.

Our twelfth major service pack for victory, aka Victory SP 12, it's our biggest and most anticipated content and feature service pack.

During the Beta stage of Victory we decided, six months ago, to take all the feedbacks from our beloved community and complete the development of our humble game with a final step that we now call "Beta 4".

For us this has been the most difficult and intense development cycle since we started Vae Victis six years ago.

We took all the feedbacks, the suggestions and new ideas we gathered during the first three Beta stages of Victory, we placed them on a big whiteboard and we started thinking on what to change or introduce in Victory, without any boundaries.

We designed a new interface. We studied new ways to optimize the game, we changed the basics of our economy, we introduced new experiences, new kind of events, new possibilities for the players, we scripted a game tutorial.

We changed the game, for the better, and we started developing the new Service Pack that we now call "Beta 4".


New Class System

One of the main complain we received was about the ability to find players in the "upper" classes and the inability to try the "fastest" classes without spend weeks leveling up.

In Beta 4 we decided to unlink the class access from the leveling system. You don't need to be level 21 to buy cars in the mid class and level 41 in the higher class anymore.

You can start your journey in Victory from whatever car class you prefer, buy a car in each class the first day if you want and race in every events/races conseguently. 

Until Beta 3 car classes were seen as a progressive advancement in your driving skills: "Rookie" class was the easier to drive, the Semi-Pro was harder, the Pro class was even more harder.

In Beta 4 the three car classes reflects the real cars that inspired the creation of that particular class, the cars from that particural Age of Racing history.

So we decided to change the names of the three car classes that we have now, to better reflect their origin:

The Rookie class, inspired from '50s and '60s Formula cars, is now the Legend Class. The Semi-Pro ('70s/'80s) is called "Classic" and the Pro ('90s-today) is called "Formula".



Also, we updated the car physics of each class: now a Legend Car is really inspired from a sixties Formula 1 car, both esthetically and by a driving point of view.

As a result of this physics update, we resetted all the world records to new Racing Authority reference times: you're now called to break the records again!


New Team Careers

Another great concern on Victory during the first phases of the beta was that the players didn't exaclty know what to do in the game other than launch or join race servers. 

There's tons of different activities that you can enjoy in Victory: you can race in single player hot lapping, quickraces with different game modes, daily and weekly events, live events during the day... or you can spend time refining your car or creating a new one from scratch, changing the different setups and attributes, buy new esthetic items, etc.

All those activities were proposed to the players only through our Achievements System. We then created a Quest System, where we proposed to the players to complete particular achievements to get rewards and, at the same time, discover what you can do in Victory. That was not enough.

During the definition of Beta 4 we wanted to find a more intriguing way to push the players through the game, race in particular races, complete particular achivements, buy particular cars, etc.



New Market

Another big news is the creation of a new centralized market for the game. The new market is divided in various sections. You can buy special and unique cars in the Car Shop. Widgets packs are sold in the widgets shop. Boosters give you +50% gears credits bonus while active, a good way to maximize you gaming experience. Coming up is the availability of Victis GoldGears Credits and Starter Packs: we'll enable those sections next week.




Bug Fixing and more

Obviously Beta 4 also contains literally hundreds of bug corrections and minor features that we developed during the last six months. 

The version of Victory B4 we released today is surely not final: we tested it internally during the last weeks, but we need now to test it with you and make sure it works well on the vast number of computer configurations you use.

We'll probably release a patch based on first problems/bugs discovered as soon as tomorrow. The good news is that the new updater permits us to fast update the game and release patched files live almost in real time.

The Premium page on the website, where we sell currencies (it's now possible to buy both Gears Credits and Victis Gold) it's now disabled and will be reopened next week.


Unclomplete list of known bugs / inactive features

  • You can set a racing number when you buy a racing team car, we save it, but still don't render it on your car, and you can't edit it in the car sheet. We'll enable number rendering and editing as soon as possible.
  • Live Events are not shown in the Activities Bar as intended. You can find all the active live events in the Race Lobby > Events tab. As a result of this the Activities Bar is almost empty now: don't worry, we'll update this in one of the upcoming updates.
  • Right now B4 it's available only in english, we'll translate the new contents and re-enable other languages in the coming weeks, please be patient.



We really hope you enjoy this new version of Victory. Feel free to report your thoughts, bugs, errors or whatever on the official 

Thanks for your help and support guys, we know who you are ;)


+1 good job team

announcements why l was taken off premium account?

Premium account users will be rewarded with days of Boosters and Gears Credits in the coming days, depending on how many days of Premium you still have. No worries ;)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

whats the difference between old premium and the new booster days?

Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
Bobstudios | WPM: 77 | World of Wopian
Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)

Boosters gives you +50% in earned Gears Credits after racing.

Premiums used to give you also a discount on market prices.

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

ooo nice

Why Hello There.

Alternative: Wopian
Bobstudios | WPM: 77 | World of Wopian
Victory Repository (Bugs, Suggestions & Events!)


Good job Team. This niight i will play ;) Now are downloading the path :)

This is epic, I can't wait to try out the new physics with my racing wheel!

usk esrb_rp

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