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Victory Patch 10.0: What's New

Today, Vae Victis released Victory Patch 10. This is our tenth major update and introduces some new great features to our beloved baby, we hope you'll enjoy the patch new contents and features as we enjoyed creating them.


Patch 10.0: What's New


Live Events: Super GP

Live Events are events created in real time by the central Victory Server and proposed to inactive players by pushing a dialog with the event's attributes and the "join this event" button.

There's different kind of Live events we're developing, the first ones that is being released with Patch 10 are the Super GP events.

A Super GP is a single race created by the central server with random prizes for the participants.

Each Super GP race offers an Event Reward that will be rewarded to each player that will finish the event (the single race in this case) and a Winner Prize, awarded to the winner of the event.

This two prizes are chose from this four categories:

  • Race Points (Rp)

  • Experience points (Rx)

  • Gears Credits (GC)

  • Bonus Widgets

The amount and type of the prizes varies from event to event and are chosen randomly by the central server.

Each Super GP race is described by its rewards, the race track where it will be hosted, the car class that it's allowed to race and by some more options:

  • Collision Mode (on, off, delayed)

  • Laps number (8-14)

  • Max Players


A list of the live events running or waiting for players is now available in the new Live Events List in the Race Lobby screen.


New RC6 car physics

After months of work we're now able to release our sixth major release for our car physics engine in Victory. This is the result of your feedbacks and the analysis of the millions of driven kilometers you guys have done during Beta 2.

  • General rebuild of the Car Physics with various optimizations and improvements

  • Rebalancing of the car attributes: Brakes are now way more important

  • The Semi-Pro Class is now easier to drive

  • The Pro Class is now harder to drive

  • Engines have now more differentiated attributes from brand to brand

  • Tires have now more differentiated attributes from brand to brand

  • Aerodynamic balance has been completely revamped

  • You can now turn "Auto Gears" off and manually set your car's gears settings

Our car physics is still a work in progress for us: We still want feedback from you as we want to fine-tune everything until the last day of beta. So feel free to report your impressions about the new car physics and post it on our Beta Testing forum.

As a result of those changes we resetted all the world record times in the game. The WR-related achievements & titles you gained during the previous version of the game were not resetted.


Achievements Quests and new Achievements

We added a simple "quest" system based on the completion of the first achievements to promote the exploration of the basic features of the game and act as a simple tutorial for the new players.

We also added 30 brand new Achievements, we have now over 300 different achievements in the game.


LAN Support

We added a new "Local LAN" screen in the lobby where players can create local area network servers to play with fellow LAN friends and easily create LAN parties!


Other changes

We heard you and introduced some changes based on your forums feedbacks:

  • We slightly reduced the handicaps values in handicap mode: Now having 5 handicaps gives you less disadvantages than before. This needs a good balancing, so report back on the Beta Testing forum your feedback on the new settings

  • Economy rebalancing: We've changed some of the items prices as we're balancing the game economy according to your testing during this beta

  • If car collisions are off, the slipstream effect is now greatly reduced

  • New "yellow arrows" shows you the most important buttons and features in the game

  • The Research & Development screen has been updated with new animations and better thumbnails for tires and engines

  • Improved cockpit camera: The dynamic cockpit camera now better simulates helmet's movements and road asperities

  • It's now possible to exit the session during the results screen

  • Copy & paste now correctly works

  • Now you can change your controller method everywhere

  • A new Level-Up screen reminds you what you can do after a level-up

  • New "Victory!" and final position messages at the end of a race

  • New race start countdown message at the start of a race


Polishing and game optimizations

We're now able to optimize the game and do the final polishing as the game core is now finished: We started to optimize the game by hunting down memory leaks and by optimizing race tracks and car models. P10 contains just a first round of these optimizations, killing down a big chunk of memory leaks and introducing first car models optimizations.

We'll continue to optimize the game as much as possible: The actual version is far from what we consider our best possible, we'll release new smaller patches (P10.1, 10.2, etc..) during the next weeks containing even more optimizations.

The vast majority of the lag / FPS drops comes now from tracks and car models not perfectly optimized: Our content team is working hard on this big task since last june and will deliver updated and optimized new tracks and car models in the next major patch (P11), this will bring improved performances for the game and allow players with slower computers to play flawlessly.


The installer hasn't been updated yet? http://victorythegame.com/download

For some reasons I need to make a fresh installation and I don't know if I can download from there.

I'm eager to test the new car physic :)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Do we need to remove the previous installation and download the new one?


I'm asking this because I'm having troubles with downloading the patch via game launcher: when the download ends, it gives me a runtime error, and when I try to login, I get this message: GETDRIVERDETAILSBYID CALL FAIL: -1.

I got no problems updating but it seems that your installation is corrupted, so i guess it's better for you to remove the previous installation, clean the registry using Ccleaner and then install again the newest version.

Yeah, everyone's making records, while I sit here downloading with my slow internet :P

We deal in lead, friend.

Finally the update that I was waiting, and like the sound fx always says ... "Don't stop!"

Looks like you took the suggestions-list very serious and tried to fix everything that the players wanted to be fixed - Cheers on that - because such a direct realisation of players´ requests is rare. \O/

Use Cavrón for the best car performance!

Thanks for noticing Pivonius :)

Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Ummmm...... wasnt there going to be wheel support in this patch??? it was the one thing i was really anticipating.....sigh...

Coming next patch http://victorythegame.com/comment/3464#comment-3464

My g27 is primed and ready to go :)

Will the next versions support more simultanious racers (6 is too little amount, even 8 is much better!)?

There is good news  for you Samuraisa (and for all of us) here: http://victorythegame.com/forum/development-updates/graphic-optimizations


Judah, a.k.a. Pujalski

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