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SP 11.0 Beta 3: Steering Wheel support, Hot Lap Party, new Driving Assistance and more!


After months of work and weeks of testing we're finally ready to release one of the most anticipated updates for Victory: today the Service Pack 11 is available for everyone to download.

SP11 officially starts the Beta 3 phase in the development of Victory and includes lots of new features:


New Steering Wheel Support

We've tested and wrecked lots of  steering wheels during the last months to be able to give you the absolute best steering wheel driving experience in Victory. Connect your wheel, enter the options panel, calibrate it and feel the difference on the road.

We support a vast range of USB steering wheels, including force feedback effects that will give you an unprecedented experience in Victory.

To balance the game, if you use a steering wheel to drive in Victory almost every driving assistance is automatically turned off. This will make both your experience more realistic and balance your efforts with other players that have chosen different input methods (keyboard, joypad, mouse).

The balancing of the different input methods it's one of our priorities: we'd like to see keyboard, joypad, mouse and steering wheel racers to play together without any evident advantage for a particular input. We strive to achieve this together with our fantastic community feedback and support. Feel free to report your feedback and advices on the forum, as always, we'll improve Victory together.


New Live Events: Hot Lap Party

"Hot Lap Party" is a new long lasting live event where you can join a multiplayer time attack mode.

Racers have to set their fastest lap before the end of the event: Check the event rankings in real time on the brand new HUD that also shows overtakes, sector times and more. Up to 100 players can join a single Hot Lap Party!

You can enter and exit a Hot Lap Party whenever you want: set a new lap time, race in another event, go back to it, close the game if you want and then come back and set a new time before the event finishes.


New Intelligent Driving Assistance

​We've invested over two years working on our Racing Artificial Intelligence (RAI). We'll use it in our career mode included in a future service pack. But the core of RAI is now finished and we've used it in the last months to drive every possible car variants (millions!) in Victory to set reference times, adjust and modify our racing tracks and, above all, test the driving skills of our AI.

SP11 includes now an Intelligent Driving Assistance that helps you drive your particular and unique Rookie, Semi Pro or Pro car. Victory's Racing Artificial Intelligence will recognize the track and brake for you when needed, according to the performance points, engine, tires and widgets on your car.

Also, it's now possible to enable the visualization of the ideal racing line on the track: that line is the result of thousands of RAI attempts on that particular track.

The Driving Assistance is enabled by default for every racer: We encourage you to try it, it's the best way to start driving in Victory.

You can disable (or re-enable) the Driving Assistance everytime you want in the game options.

This is a big step for us to finally enable every player to be competitive in Victory: With different levels of driving assistance, driving aids based on your preferred controller, unlimited car customization, realistic physics based on user's choices and different car classes we finally want Victory to be the only racing game enjoyable by both casual and hard core online racers.




  • It's now possible to save a screenshot of the game by pressing the PrintScreen key. A new screenshot will be saved in the "screenshots" folder inside the game main folder.
  • The HUD new sector time indicator introduced with Hot Lap Party it's also available in the HotLap Challenge mode.
  • The Results / Car Status / Degradation screen has been updated to better show your car status.
  • There's new HUD PI/Buffs/Widgets indicators in the HUD during a race.
  • Various interface corrections.
  • Lots of bug fixes.


I must say I like new physics in newest patch. Little harder to control the car especially on braking, but it adds a more fun. One more thing, I would  like to see exact splits times  ( not  just, - something or, + something ), and one more- I still cant play pro races, because of immediately crashing of the game when I trying to join a race ( there is still windows message of abnormal program termination) Do not forget, freezing of the game is still present. : (

I've waited for this update. i managed to mess around with it for an hour today and I'm very pleased. Well done VaeVictis!

Steering wheel feels awesome. At least for me it works like a charm. Better than in any other racing game. (I got fleamarket found DFGT) It is so much fun to drive with it. Even force feedback feels good, which never happened before with that wheel.

Got to race some more soon!


Experienced during newest patch:

- More lag, happened after a HLP and a normal race event.

- Great new gfx, though I liked the old repair/widget screen gfx better than the new eggshell one.

- Splittimes are AWESOME, especially the purple/white stuff, impossible to see the times exactly anyway in Pro.

- HLP are great fun till someone oceans better than you joins.  I can see this being something like this:  Some friends join have a great time, then 5 min to go, 1-2 aces enter, drive 1 lap and beats the friends that so far had had fun and they just leave, cause its never fun to fight for 3rd and it feels like wasted time, trying to just tag that first win in HLP for 25 mins.  They still had fun, but I could see alot just splitting at the sight of those they know they cannot beat.

Would be nice with a challange match system within the HLP, so you mark some players in the friends list as rivals and chase their times down with an option to just ignore the overall leaderboard and just see that at the end(thinking ahead with 100 man HLPs where friends gets lost in the list really fast).

Great to read of the update, but so far I am unable to assign/calibrate my Fanatec Clubsport pedals (connected to pc on their own USB plug) for throttle and brake. I have got my Fanatec GT3 RS v1 wheel working fine, but holding down a button to change the car speed feels very unnatural.

I can try and find the PS2 lead to connect my pedals to the wheel directly, but I have not used this lead for >3 years, so it could be "fun" finding it after all this time (plus it reduces the sensitivity of the pedals)! :D

About the repair/widget screen, it still appears the old one in the driving tips while loading a track. Just letting you know ;)

Yes, we are aware, thx. :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

Widgets in Hot Lap Party? Please no!

I also voting for the abolition of Widgets in HLP!

und wo finde ich den download

Jeder Patch wird hier automatisch beim nächsten Start installiert. Hast du also schon! ;-)

Maybe add Clans Created ?

Not yet, in the future yes. :)

usk esrb_rp

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