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Victory Beta 1 - Patch 8: What's New

Victory Beta Patch 8 adds lots of major and minor features to the game!

The Pro Class is here!

The Pro class is now available for every level 41+ player, hundreds of new items & car blocks will be included in the game so you can now create your completely unique Pro Class Car. A new item category is now available for the Pro Class: Wings.


Race Matchmaking

Just push the Race! button in the Main Screen and the game will put you in the best server available or either create a new server for you.



Players can now unlock Achievements rewarding the player with Gears Credits (GC), Race Experience (Rx), items and achievement titles that can be displayed on top of player's nickname in game.


New Game Mode: Handicap Mode

In the Handicap mode races who wins a race receives a handicap for the next race.

If another race is won by the same player, that driver will receive another handicap, up to 5 handicaps can be piled up. If a player wins a race when one or more handicaps are assigned to him, he will receive additional experience and currency as a prize.
Each race won gives you a handicap, each race not won will lose you one. A handicap slows your car, the more handicaps you receive the slower your car will be.

Grid Cameras

We've added super cool random cameras during the grid time, so you can check out yours and others car designs.


Dedicated Servers

Patch 8 now fully supports dedicated servers. We'll add them online progressively during the next days.


6 drivers cap

Quick races and Handicap races are now open to up to 6 drivers!


Other Changes and Improvements

  • New Consumables:  added +3 +4 +5 new buffs and packs with 50 consumables.
  • New GUI Sounds: now GUI has a complete set of sounds.
  • New Tracks Environment sounds.
  • The race server now has a flag icon close to his name.
  • During the races is now available the BUY ALL widgets option.
  • The TAB key now opens/closes the Race Drivers List during a race.
  • MARKET: removed the BROWSE tab and renamed as ITEMS the List one.
  • Added the ‘Favorite Items’ filter.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing crashes due of messages/invites not removed.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a jump start.
  • The ENTER key in the Race Password Window now works properly.
  • Arrow keys are now always dedicated to throttle/brake/steer commands and can't be assigned, you still can customize other keys as throttle/brake/steer if you want.
  • Dozens of minor bugs and kinks solved in this patch.

Economy, Cars and Drivers Reset

Due to the great amount of economy and feature changes included with this patch, all the drivers, cars and prices will be resetted with the release of Patch 8 and the start of Victory Beta 1. We've worked a lot on the back end of the game for this new release and we're now able to record and better understand the economy of the game, it's now time to start from scratch to finalize the game economy before the Beta Version of Victory: Beta 2.
We would like to say a big Thank you! to all of our beta testers, you have helped a lot our team during this beta months and we'll always be grateful, expect some nice rewards before the release of the Release Candidate, we know who you are guys, thanks.

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