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missing gear shifts

I'm really struggling with this new gearbox/shifting.  With manual gearbox, the car isn't shifting all the time when I click the button.  I'm driving my semipro on RI blue, when I brake for the first right hand turn, I want to shift back to 3rd.  Sometimes it shifts, sometimes it goes back to 4th and gets stuck there, sometimes it stays in 5th and wont change back until I slow right down.

Similar things happen when I want to shift up.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Same controller, same computer as I've always used.  Controller is a CH products flightstick.

i have the same problem with keybord...

Cerchiamo Players!

I have the impression is an intended behavior. I have big problems with it as well. Actually in some point of a track no matter how many times I push the button it just won't shift back. For example on Ark One Blue, the first hairpin. If I try to shift to 3rd when I'm already turning left, there is no way it will work. I have to brake a lot earlier and shift 4th and 3rd gear before turning left. 

So the gearbox as it is now is horrible. It makes you check the gear every single time you shift, to make sure it did it. Shifting up is also quite weir. You can't shift up as you wish.

No idea how all this is working with automatic transmission, but manual is very frustrating at the moment. 

Hi ,  i have also the same problem whit the key board. Before the patch i could do it , but now it's impossible  down  of 5ª to 3ª , quickly , alltimes , still in 4ª gear , and it's frustrating specially in some braking.

E.g:  in rock island red , you have all lap perfect and when you get to the last corner, ruining the lap for this problem.

Hi All,

I undesrtand your point of view.

the new gearbox is a really complex module so we need surely some time to tuning.


Some recap:

Automatic Gearbox :

Throttle routines:  works well. Sometimes set for a bit a lower gear  but after a bit of tuning it wil be really smart.

Brake routines: to rebuild. the gearbox shift-down the gears all toghether and late. we know.  Next patch wil solve this issue.

Manual shifting:

We add some constraint to avoid shifiting in the following cases:

1) to much average rear splip ratio. 

2) No load on rear tires.

3)Total slip of car > a treshold. 

4) Car is near lateral's G limit (90%).


Probabily these values are too "strong". we will make manual more responsive and no-constrained.

NOTE: the trick of 6-1 in 1 second is voluntary removed! Not a bug.


Let me know your suggestions and wait for next patch with also HotLapParty!!! 

Ciao! Luca


Luca Garattoni

Producer @VaeVictis

TW: @GarattoniLuca

Hello luca thanks for explaination, but when we will play in hotlapparty? :-)

Cerchiamo Players!

We plan to deploy mext patch the first days of November.

in the same patch you will find an evo gerbox and wheel support!


Luca Garattoni

Producer @VaeVictis

TW: @GarattoniLuca

Great. Thanks for the info Rama!

Speaking of gearbox, I also noticed that it goes into neuter when the car stops (rookie) and even earlier with semi-pros (at 17kph it goes neuter and you need to shift up to move again)

I've been noticing this too.  When I try to shift down or up, or won't let me.  This occurs paticularly with Rock Island: Green.  The first chicane gives me problems,  I can't shift down unless i'm braking, which really screws with my lap times.  On Fort Fast: Blue, the same problem.  There is a spot in the track, just before the back straight, where I usually just let off the gas, no brakes, and shift down.  With this new system I can't do that, and I'm losing much more speed than I should.

Hello people, it's 22th of November....


ramarace? have news?

Cerchiamo Players!

On the first days of the next week will be released a patch with physics and economy' changes; wheel support and HLP will take few more days.

Alessandra Pollini - QA

While im not as fast as more racer who posted before me, i had some problem with the transmission too, up-shift has never been a problem, downshifting is problematic, to me, at least to 90% max lateral G seem to be the problem. That value is probably too high.

Most of the time, when the car doesnt want to downshift, i have to slightly recenter the steering (using joypad) and it will usually let me downshift. Well that's assuming i CAN slightly recenter the steering, if im running near optimal lane/speed, i won't be able to do that.

Overall, the rule about shifting/downshifting has probably made me a better racer, i had to stop being rough with the car and start to streamline my driving a bit.

But in the end, i sometime end up being really low on RPM and not being able to downshift at all since i need to be over that 90% max lateral G for the rest of the curve.

I would probably lower the max lateral G limit a bit, but overall, like i said, being forced to somewhat adapt my driving to the current gearbox has helped me become a better racer.

Check out the just released SP10.1 guys, we should have solved this issue.


Antonio Moro
Creative Director
Vae Victis Games

Confirm. It seems solved.

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