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driven km ranking

I've got a weird issue with the driven km rankings - searching for myself doesn't display the page I'm on, it displays the 1 before it (both find me and driver name search are the same).  Currently I'm 61st and it shows me the 46-60 page. 

All the other records seem to find me ok. 

I can find the person who is 61st on the driven laps ranking.

very odd. are you sure its not doing a "joint second place" sort of thing, with a missed third place to make up for the 2 people in second?

could be that a few people have the same number of laps/distance (more likely with laps) and have been assigned the same ranking.

I needed about 30 km to catch 60th.  I've done another ~200 now so i've moved up and I'm being found.  But the person who is now 61 does the same thing. and they're about 50 ahead of 62 and 24 behind 60.

Yes, looks like it happens with the first of every page: we will fix it soon.

Thx! :)

Alessandra Pollini - QA

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